Sandoval Board of County Commission Meeting

January 12th 6:00 pm Thursday Evening
County Administration building
1500 Idalia Road, Building D, 3rd Floor

Bernalillo, NM 8700

Come to protest the commission trying to steamroll fracking activities in the county.

We will have signs for you outside prior to meeting.

Meet Benton Howell Outside at 5:15 PM prior to 6 pm meeting

Help us send the message to to stop the Sandoval Board of County Commission and County Planning Department Mike Springfield from quashing our right to a draft ordinance prior to the P&Z Board for Community input.

This is in response to the Planning Department working to oust people from boards and commissions because they disagree with their ideology. There is a retaliation agenda item that must be stopped.

Other items to Speak out on:
We need a moratorium on Fracking

We are against oil and gas drilling 8,000 oil and gas wells on West Mesa Rio Rancho,Black and Sage Ranch and Zia Pueblo. From AMREP and Zia Pueblo Mineral Leases that have been sold to multinational banks.

No draft Ordinance released on ordinance after Industry had their oily hands on this.


COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES Phone: 505-867-7500 - Fax: 505-867-7600

Request the moratorium, Stop the railroading by the Sandoval planning department

Sandoval County, New Mexico, Board of County Commission Agenda calls for a Resolution No. 1-12-17.8, OPEN MEETINGS ACT AND RULES OF PROCEDURE. Then go down to section E for Public Comment. section (c), It indicates comments from the public that address personnel issues or a personnel dispute, etc. will not be entertained as part of Public Comment.

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