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Youth Awareness Run & Rally 2017

· Chaco Canyon,Run,Indigenous Youth

The Run


The International Indigenous Youth Council and Native youth in the Four Corners Area invite you to participate in this nearly 80-mile youth run to help bring attention to fracking in the Greater Chaco Area and the negative health effects fracking has on the local communities.


Jun 24 at 8 AM to Jun 26 at 11 AM


The run will start at the "crossroads" just South of Counselor, NM and end at the Bureau of Land Management offices in Farmington, NM.

Note: There is a rally on the 26th in Farmington at the BLM headquarters to greet the runners as they come in. Details at bottom of page.


The Greater Chaco Region is a checkerboarded area of Tribal, state, federal, and allotment land. The Bureau of Land Management has approved more than 400 new fracking wells without adequate Tribal consultation or protections for community health, water and climate impacts. Fracking development threatens ancient Chaco culture and sacred sites and also Navajo people and living communities in the area who have been dealing with the impacts of resource extraction for decades.

Please help native youth protect our health, our future and our Mother Earth.
We will run throughout the day and set up tents in the evenings at a predesignated camping area. We will host "Southwest culture nights" during our camping hours which will consist of songs, stories, prayers and ceremonies shared by Southwest elders from the area. These culture nights will be open to the public with dinner provided for those who attend.

Note to Runners:

Participants are required to bring camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc.) for camping nights.

This is an 80 mile run so please dress appropriately for it. Also, we will be followed by pilot cars and vans for transportation of runners. Food and Water will be provided.

Wear sunscreen and bring your indigenous resistance with you!

Facebook Event Page:

The Rally

On Monday, June 26th, we'll welcome the runners on their final leg as they arrive at the Bureau of Land Management office in Farmington to deliver a letter carried the length of the run.

Join us as we celebrate this journey and continue the call on BLM/BIA to immediately stop approving new fracking wells and leasing more land until the current planning process is complete. The letter will further detail the needs of the planning process.
There will be potluck style food provided, information on the planning process, as well as an open mic available to communicate community concerns.

Please help native youth protect our health, our future and our Mother Earth

Facebook Event Page:

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