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ACTION ALERT: Call for Moratorium on Chaco-Area Fracking Leases

We need everyone to call committee members and tell them:

YES on HJM 5


Care about Chaco?

We need you to make some phone calls right away!

Chaco Protection Legislation - House Joint Memorial 5 (HJM5) - (requesting the State Legislature urge BLM to stop issuing fracking approvals and leasing until it completes its current plan to analyze health, social, and environmental justice impacts) is scheduled for the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee 2-7-2017 (Read text at bottom)

Not available? You can still help!

The House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee is a 12-member committee split 6/6. There are 6-democrats and 6-republicans, of which 5 of the 6 republicans are all somehow involved in oil & gas within the state.

We hope the NM State Legislature will support the expressed desires of the Tribes - specifically 15+ affected Navajo chapter resolutions requesting a moratorium on fracking until BLM assures health and environmental safeguards and fair share revenue mechanisms. Many Representatives were unaware that the January 25 lease sale moved forward, BLM selling off an addition 843 acres of public land for fracking in Chaco without a plan for development.

We're asking constituents to call NM Representatives on the committee and ask them to vote to move forward HJM5 on Tuesday afternoon. Fracking development in the greater Chaco region affects sacred tribal culture, as well as the health and safety of impacted Navajo communities and all New Mexicans; we are all downstream or downwind.


Please make the following phone calls (leave messages!) and ask ALL the NM Representatives (**especially Republicans) to respect the wishes of 15 Navajo chapter houses, 102 organizations, and over 17,000 New Mexicans and VOTE YES on HJM5, assuring fracking development doesn't move forward without a plan to protect the communities, culture, and climate of Greater Chaco.

Text of Memorial:

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